:: New Attitude! – New Direction?


May 31st is a big night in women’s pro wrestling here in Kitchener, Ontario.  There’s a lot of focus on the big rematch for the Elite Womens Championship between Beautiful Beaa and the newly crowned Champion Leah Von Dutch.  After all of the controversy with the outcome/finish of their last match everyone is looking forward to seeing how this one goes down.

Then there is also the return of the young spark plug Alexia.  Alexia is returning after suffering a shoulder injury at the “Quest for Glory” event last year, so there are a lot of fans excited to see her return.

Kind of set on the back burner is Skylar Rose.  Skylar suffered a few losses recently and apparently it has awakened her.  When Skylar spoke to PWACanada.com she mentioned that the era of “The Pretty Bad Girl” starts May 31st.

Skylar will be taking on Alexia on May 31st and will be looking to spoil the return by any means necessary.  On June 22nd Skylar will be wrestling the current Elite Womens Champion Leah Von Dutch in Welland, Ontario.

What exactly is “The Pretty Bad Girl” Era?  Everyone is sure to find out May 31st in Kitchener.