:: Interview with Lenny Lilac & Chief Ade

lennybuckchiefPWA: Welcome two members of the Lilac Family this week for an exclusive interview with PWACanada.com. First the leader of the family Lenny Lilac and secondly the current reigning and defending Ontario Champion Chief Ade. Thanks guys for being here and taking time out to do this interview.  First question goes out to Chief. Chief you came into the Pure Wrestling Association and tried to star your own group. Team RESPECT. It fairly successful in the beginning but in the end was defeated in a huge 10 man tag match by PWA stars. Was that defeat the reason you decided to team up with Lenny Lilac?

ADE: Yes you’re right team respect was a successful team, it was a way of me getting into the game, letting people know exactly who I was, I had the money to do it so I did, I pay off all of the guys to stand by my side while I climb my way to the top of PWA, it was going well till the 10 men tag, after that lost I realized that it wasn’t going to be that easy, so I thought to my self at that time, joey Allen is PWA world Champion, that’s because of his manager Lenny, that moment was when I knew that that’s how I’m going to get to the top of PWA by having the greatest manager that ever lived to be my manager, and now I’m a 2x Ontario/ Nigerian champion

PWA: One carry over from that group was Sarge, or Sgt. Dickson. No one has seen him in quite some time is he hurt, has he been kicked out of the group? What is his status?

LL:  The Pleasure is all yours Mitch!  As far as the current status of Sgt. Dickson, he is currently on a secret mission in an undisclosed location. Actually I’ve said to much already.

PWA: Chief you are a two time Ontario Champion and you have had two very successful runs as Champion. In the past some might have said the only reason you where able to keep the belt was because of your Nigerian Rules matches. Since the PWA has cracked down do you feel more pressure since you cannot just have Lenny say some crazy made up rule to help you retain the title?

LL:  Listen Mitch, I have a copy of the Nigerian rule book right here. If you would like to leaf through it I’m sure you’ll find we were well with in it guidelines. If you were interviewing the Queen of England would you miss trust the Marquess of Queensberry rules? Show some respect to the future King of Nigeria Mitch!

ADE:  Cracked Down? Pressure? Hahaha every rule that was mentioned in the Nigerian rules match all 100 percent real, but you won’t no that since you no nothing about Nigeria, but its understandable that you don’t no anything by the kind of questions your asking my. I am the youngest Hight Chief in history of Lagos Nigeria, I come from a lime light generation of very powerful iconic Hight chief s just like my Father, I feel NO pressure what so ever Nigerian rules or no Nigerian rules I am Chief Ade I just don’t just talk about being a champion for nothing I prove it every time I step into that ring, the concept of the Nigerian rules is not for my benefit, its the benefit of my opponents, you see its a reward a gift for them, for becoming a #1 contender to challenge me for my championship, if anyone is feeling any pressure its them (to ba mo oti mo si)

PWA: I am sorry, I was not trying to strike a nerve, just asking a question that many of our fans on twitter (@pwacanada) have been asking. Let move on to Mike Hart. On May 31st Mike Hart w/ Corey are coming in like a house of fire looking to defeat Chief for the Ontario Championship. What are your thoughts on Hart and the big Title match coming up May 31st in Kitchener?

ADE:  Yes lets move on to Mike Hart, in all truth I like the guy, he beat me once i beaten him once also but ………..he keeping coming for more, we the Family beat him down, but he gets up and comes back again and again, but rest to sure come may 31st in Kitchener mike hart will come for a fight but after the match is over and I retain MY Nigerian championship , Mike hart won’t be coming back, because lets face it how can he get back up with a broken hart due to disappointment (AND A BROKEN LEG)

LSPLL:  Mike Hart is a Dreamer, He believes blood is thicker than water and his Family ties will be his ticket to fame and fortune. Well Mike Gold is thicker than Blood and will prove that to you and your brother Corey when we leave you in a pool of it.

PWA: Sounds like a very confident stand. Lenny in recent months we have seen a little bit of a rift in the relationship between yourself and Buck Gunderson. Can you tell us how you guys are doing and why he is not on the upcoming event on May 31st?

LL:  I don’t care for your tone Mitch, my business with Mr. Gunderson is none of yours. All you conspiracy theorist out there can rest easy. I just have other plans for Buck at this time.

PWA: Alright guys at this time we would like to wrap it all up with some name association

Reggie Marley

LL - Legend

Ade –  True respect for him. He’s a legend here in PWA can’t wait till our path cross and I take him down

Skylar Rose

LL- Nice Hat

Ade-  Like her passion to be different future womens champion

Taylor Kay-deen

Ade-  hungry

LL-  Hungry? ya he could use a couple sandwiches

Joey Allen

LL- A garage full of power tools with no electricity

Ade-  hot girlfriend, droped the ball by leaving Lenny

Leah Von Dutch

LL- Congratulations Champ!

Ade-  true women’s champion

Beautiful Beaa

LL- A cute broad in over her head.

Ade-  Alexia

Aiden Rayne

LL- Who?  Never heard of him?

Ade-   little men big fight

Anthony Fiasco

LL- No comment

Ade-  overly underrated

EZE Eric Cairnie

LL- continues to make poor decisions. I heard from a an unnamed source that he going to be a Dad.

Ade-  vs Chief Ade sign it now

HardKore Hick

LL- Smells really bad, Like a dank basement of broken dreams

Ade-  has something I want along side my Ontario championship

PWA:  Thank you guys for taking the time to do this interview. Any final comments?

Ade:  Yes after May 31st on words I am looking at PWA World Championship